The town currently has a number of parks and recreation facilities owned by the town, the State of Connecticut, the regional school district, and private property owners, that serve the active recreation needs of the town residents.  These existing facilities include:
Burnt Hill Park
171 acres includes-
  • 3 Multi purpose fields (soccer, lacrosse and football)
  • 2 baseball fields
  • Walking trails
  • Pavilion
  • Bathrooms
  • Park Operations Building 
  • Parks and Recreation office
Veterans Memorial Park
This is a town owned park located on a 17 acre site on Wall Street.  A paved parking lot of approximately 100 spaces is situated near the front of the park.  It includes the following-
  • Soccer field
  • Two children's playscapes
  • A skateboard park- open sunrise to sunset
  • Baseball field- 70' baselines; 225' 
  • Walking trail- 9/10 mile in length
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoor basketball court
  • Softball field 
Grayville Falls
Grayville Falls offers both passive and active recreation opportunities such as picnicking, walking, fishing, quiet enjoyment of the waterfalls and river, and access to the Air Line State Park Trail.  The park is fairly remote, has rugged terrain, is very natural in character and therefore lends itself to passive uses.
Old Colchester Road Field
This is a town owned field located on a 3.8 acre site on Old Colchester Rd.  Improvements include a small, unpaved parking area, a baseball/ softball field with 60 foot baselines, and a small soccer field that is superimposed over the outfield of the baseball/ softball field.
Gilead Hill School
The school is used for community recreation and summer sports.  Outdoor recreation facilities include two softball fields and a multi-purpose field.  There is also a small field area used by the baseball league informally as a t-ball field.  A playscape is located at the rear of the school.  The playscape is available to the public when school is not in session. 
Hebron Elementary School
Hebron Elementary School has a wonderful outdoor recreation area for pre-school aged children including a playscape.  There is also a multi-purpose field and a 1/4 mile walking track.
RHAM Regional Schools
This is a collaboration of RHAM Middle School and RHAM High School.  Both schools are located near the Hebron Center on a campus that shares common athletic fields.  Each has its own gymnasium but share the outdoor sports and recreation facilities that have been fully upgraded as part of the Regional High School Expansion plans.  These facilities include a regulation 400 meter track, two baseball fields, a softball field and multi-purpose fields.
St. Peter's Field
This is a baseball field located on Church St. constructed on land leased from the St. Peter's Episcopal Church.  This ball field is used by the Hebron Youth Baseball and Softball Association and consists of a 70 foot baseball field.
Raymond Brook Trail
Air Line State Park Trail
This multi-use train in Hebron provides opportunities for hiking, biking, jogging, cross-country skiing and horseback riding.  This trail is owned by the State of Connecticut.  It physically connects the towns of Colchester and Lebanon and the potential exists for further connections.  The trail also provides access and outstanding views of the Raymond Brook marsh; lands primarily owned by the State of CT.  For more information please click on the link below-
Salmon River State Forest 
This park, partially located in Hebron, contains opportunities for hiking and fishing.  These extensive lands include the Holbrook Pond facility where boating and fishing are permitted.
Gay City State Park
Gay City State Park is located in Hebron on the Bolton town line.  It contains hiking trails, picnicking facilities, cross country skiing opportunities and a beach for public swimming.  For more information please visit the link below-
Blackledge Country Club and Tallwood Country Club
These clubs provide ample opportunities for golfing within the community.  These privately owned facilities provide 54 holes of golf to the general public in two separate locations in northern Hebron and also maintain hundreds of acres in open space.  


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